Saturday, July 18, 2015

Planned Parenthood Spent $18 Million to Defeat GOP last year - Will GOP Congress Defund Planned Parenthood's Annual $500 Million?

It's time to kick the Billion Dollar Abortion Industry off welfare. 

Does a group founded by Ku Klux Klan keynote speaker, Margaret Sanger, really deserve half a billion dollars a year of our tax dollars?  If Planned Parenthood can afford to throw around $18 million dollars on an election, why does it need our tax dollars?

Planned Parenthood just spent $18 million dollars to try and elect and re-elect pro-abortion politicians who would have ensured that Planned Parenthood continues to receive its half a billion dollars of our tax dollars. That's right, the Billion Dollar Abortion Industry's biggest player, Planned Parenthood, gets $540 million in our tax dollars annually, and slaughters 330,000 or so unborn children each year.

Wake up GOP Congress.  You don't give half a billion dollars to people who are spending $18 million to defeat you. This is especially the especially the case when the organization getting the half a billion dollars is already making enough money selling severed baby heads and hearts.

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