Monday, August 06, 2007

Hillary's October Surprise: Pro-life PSA's?

The LA Times recently reported the following:

At a recent presidential forum, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York decried the failure of activists on both sides to work together to bring down the number of abortions. She repeated a mantra her husband made famous more than a decade ago: Abortion, she said, should be "safe, legal and rare."

Then Clinton paused and added deliberately: "And by rare, I mean rare."

So while keeping abortion legal, what steps can Hillary immediately take to help make abortion rare, "and by rare, I mean rare."

If Hillary is serious about making abortion "rare," there are some very serious steps she can take instantly that will reduce the number of abortions very quickly - - all without changing abortion laws.

One model Hillary could follow is the anti-smoking campaign. While cigarette smoking remains legal in this country, much is being done to discourage this behavior. Let's take a look at some of these steps and how they can be applied to making abortion rare.

1) When politicians want to discourage certain behaviors they usually put a tax on them.

Taxing anything reduces demand...this is just simple economics. Abortions usually cost in the range of $800 to $1,000. A 50% tax on abortions would certainly drive down the demand.

A tax on abortions? I know Democrats love taxes, but I don't see Hillary backing this one.

2) Public Service Announcements

We have seen the effectiveness of hip, targeted anti-smoking commercials in reducing teen smoking. Imagine Hillary popping on MTV for a PSA featuring a 3D ultrasound machine, and saying something like, "If you are pregnant and not sure what to do, don't harm this little guy. Get yourself to a crisis pregnancy center where they will treat both you and your unborn child with care and respect. "

Stop for a second and imagine the impact of Hillary sending a message like this to young women. It might not instantly make abortion rare, "and by rare I mean rare," but many lives would be saved.

Can we expect to see this from Hillary? Well, yes, if she was actually sincere about reducing the numbers of abortion.

3) Federally Funded Respect Life Education Campaign

Today, our schools have all kinds of campaigns wholly unrelated to Reading, Writing and Arithmatic. There is DARE teaching kids about the danger of drugs, anti-bullying campaigns, anti-smoking campaigns and all sorts of specials causes.

Certainly, if Hillary wants to make abortion rare, she would be willing to champion a massive federal education campaign in our schools to teach our children to Respect Life.

Such a campaign could use the latest and best medical evidence and technological advancements to call for tolerance, compassion, and mercy toward the least of our brothers and sisters, the unborn. Focused on fetology and the humanity of the unborn, such a campaign would include public service announcements on television and radio as well as billboards throughout the country with a particular focus on inner city neighborhoods where the abortion rate is at epidemic proportions. This information would also be brought into classrooms across the country and a world class prolife curriculum would be developed for children K thru 12.

We know that up to ninety percent of women considering abortion choose life if they are permitted to view the child on an ultrasound. Bring these ultrasound videos into our public schools and make our unborn children the stars of scientific and factual public education campaign.

An ambitious public education campaign focused on the humanity of the unborn child is the least we should expect from a committed progressive like Hillary who, in her own words, wants to make abortion rare, "and by rare I mean rare."

Hillary's Surprising Solution

So does Hillary really want to make abortion rare? All of the above steps can be taken without making abortion illegal, without restricting a women's "right to choose," and without overruling Roe v Wade?

No, this is not what Hillary intends to do. She has another even more surprising solution.

FREE federally funded ABORTIONS !

According to Life Site News:

The advent of socialized health care and massive taxpayer abortion subsidies may take the United States by stealth, unless the new health care bill proposed by Democrats Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Rep. John Dingle (D-MI) is vetoed by President Bush.

Now let's get this straight. If we look again at the anti-smoking campaign, one of the solutions was to drive down demand by making cigarettes more expensive with a cigarette tax.

Would Hillary really claim that she wanted to make smoking rare, "and by rare I mean rare," while at the same time advocating free cigarettes for everyone?

Abortions currently cost between $800 and $1,00 dollars and Hillary is claiming she wants to make abortion RARE while at the same time she is actually working to make them FREE.

So does Hillary really want to make abortion rare or does she actually want to make them free?

Well, if you listen to Clinton's words, you can believe she wants to make abortion rare. But if you look at her voting record, you will realize she wants to make them free and plentiful.


Bret Ludwig said...

If you can look at Hillary and tell me you still oppose abortion. I'm calling bulls***.

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