Sunday, August 12, 2007

George Grant's Biography of Margaret Sanger Now Free Online

Killer Angel: A Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger is now available free in its entirety on line here: . This book by George Grant is a must read for anyone who wants to know more about Margaret Sanger.

Here are some of the comments on this book from the above link:

A Shocking Look at Feminism's Patron Saint

"George Grant's writing is an invaluable asset to Americans in general, and to the pro-life Americans in particular. I am grateful for his leadership and courage to defend the sanctity of life, and to tell the truth at all costs."

Beverly LaHaye, President of Concerned Women for America

"George Grant is an international treasure. His brilliant mind is matched only by his beautiful prose. I am grateful for his timely and persistent prolificacy."

Geoffrey Still, President of Focus on the Family Canada

"Research, detail, accuracy. Three obvious distinctions of Dr. Grant's work."

David Clydesdale, composer, conductor, and recording artist

"When I read the writing of George Grant, I am struck by his anointed ability to analyze and discern his subjects. His depth of knowledge and clarity of thought will impact your life and sharpen your views."

James Robison, President of Life Outreach International

"George Grant is a prophetic figure whose wisdom and insight shines like a beacon through the contemporary fog of our culture, calling a generation drunk on modern myths back to sobriety in the truth of God's Word."

Steve Camp, composer, musician, and recording artist

"George Grant is a careful historian with an artist's touch. He communicates truth with grace and beauty."

Gary Whitby, columnist for Christianity Today

Dr. George Grant is the author of nearly three dozen books on history, politics, theology, and social issues, including the best-selling Grand Illusions, The Micah Mandate, and Bringing in the Sheaves. He is the director of King's Meadow Study Center, and instructor at Whitefield Theological Seminary, and a Teaching Fellow at Franklin Classical School.


Anonymous said...

I love Margaret Sanger. I think she was brilliant and a tremendous benefactor to American progress and, aside from Marilyn Monroe, the most fascinating female of her century.

I support eugenics. That means "good breeding"-not concentration camps or gassing people. Only the insane can oppose eugenics.

The stupid and insensitive and unproductive ahould not reproduce. They should be allowed to live their lives comfortably and when they die their genes should end with them. They should join the trilobites, the dinosaurs and the dodo in the dead end of history.

Anonymous said...

I've never taken a close look at Sanger before. Now I have the opportunity to do so for free, even though this particular book looks like a hatchet job. Thank you for publishing this link.

It's a shame so many Christians today are Zionists, often without even being aware of it. It keeps them from taking a dispassionate look at figures like Margaret Sanger.

Reformed Faith said...

I went to try and see the online autobiography (especially page 366 where she tells of speaking at a Ku Klux Klan rally) and there are pages missing... including 366. Just specific sections of the book are mysteriously not there. BUT you can get it off the Dover Publications website (they have lots of other good books and I think shipping is free for orders over $50) and it's only about $13. They still use it in Women's Studies college courses.

Most communists and misogynists love eugenics. I'm proud to say that I'm not in that sorry lot of racists. Hitler was a HUGE fan of the philosophy, and Sanger has succeeded in outdoing Hitler in accomplishing it's hideous goals... much to the giddy delight of the insensitive, drooling neo-nazis, I'm sure. It's so sad that such backward and inhumane thinking can still survive in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

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hcg said...

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Anonymous said...

Complete rubbish and utter nonsense you just typed my friend. One question for you, how do you determine what "good" is? Free of certain diseases like ALS or Cancer? So people like Stephen Hawkins would be considered carriers of bad genes then? Another question, who would determine who gets to live and die? The government? A private corporation? A select committee of "good" gene individuals? I really hope you give serious thoughts to your ideas because the idea of eugenics is incredibly dangerous and catastrophic. It also showcases your ignorance when you think that you can end things like insensitivity, stupidity, and unproductivity by ending some genes. Some of the most brilliant minds in humanity have come from "bad" genes such as these.