Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Five Years Before Margaret Sanger Spoke to Ku Klux Klan, KKK Murdered Catholic priest, Father James Coyle

Margaret Sanger gives a detailed account of her well-received 1926 speech to the Ku Klux Klan in her autobiography.  Sanger's open admission to speaking at a KKK rally has not stopped leftists from trying to deny it happened.  Thanks to scholars like Dr. Paul Kengor, a university professor, and Arina Grossu at the Washington Times, the Margaret Sanger KKK Planned Parenthood connection has received greater attention in recent years - despite Google's attempt to rank their research low in Margaret Sanger KKK queries.  

The new attention Sanger's KKK speech has received has forced leftists into the odd position of trying to defend the repugnant idea of speaking to the Klan in 1926.  One thing you may hear is that the KKK was different in the 1920's.  Probably true,  at that time it was far more violent, powerful, bigoted and racist.  

If you have any doubt as to what the Klan was like in the 1920's, read this account of the 1921 murder of Father James Coyle by the KKK - - Victim of the Klan: Father James Edwin Coyle.  Brian Kelly  does an excellent  job recounting the horrific murder of Father Coyle,   Even more startling is how the KKK subsequently fixed the trial leading to the acquittal of the murderer.

As Larry Peterson notes in his article,  An American story about an Irish priest, a brave girl, and the KKK, the Klan quickly rallied behind the murderer of Father Coyle:  

Stephenson turned himself in and was charged with Father Coyle’s murder. The KKK paid for the defense, the judge was a klansman and the lawyer who defended Stephenson was Hugo Black, the future U. S. Supreme Court Justice. Although not a Klan member at the time of trial, Black did become a member afterwards. The verdict took only a few hours to come in. It was “not guilty.”

Yes, Margaret Sanger defenders, the Klan was different in 1926 when Sanger was so warmly received by the KKK and received "a dozen invitations to speak to similar groups." If possible, it was far more evil and wicked.  

So why did the Ku Klux Klan love Sanger so much?  And what exactly did Sanger say at the KKK rally that lead the Klan to love her so much?  A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups?  Ignore that liberal media!

For the complete Brian Kelly article on heroic Father James Coyle go here:  Victim of the Klan: Father James Edwin Coyle

Another excellent account of the Father Coyle murder by Larry Peterson at: An American story about an Irish priest, a brave girl, and the KKK

For Dr. Paul Kengor article on Margaret Sanger and KKK, go here:  Was Margaret Sanger a Racist

H/T to Aleteia for photo.


John Smith said...

My Mom was born in 1910, she lived an hour or so south of Fr. Coyle from 1919 to 1928. She was subject to anti-Catholic prejudice; her Mother's restaurant in Fairhope Alabama was boycotted by the Klan because she gave hand-outs to African-Americans the same as to European-Americans; the boycott was not as a poor-white terrorist organization but as an Establishment business philanthropy like the Rotarians. Once, my mother and her sister got lost on the way to school in the fog, she was thereafter known as "Little Foggy", her sister was "Big Foggy". Now, the homicide's defense attorney became Mr. Justice Hugo Black of the Supreme Court of the United States under nomination by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who solidly had the African-American vote. A fly on the wall would know what the President really thought of his Black supporters.

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