Monday, October 23, 2006

Early Submissions for Margaret Sanger at Ku Klux Klan Rally Art Contest

We have our first two entries for the second annual contest. Please post your comments concerning the artistic merits of these efforts. Personally, I am impressed and I am anticipating our most hotly contested race ever. This is from Consanescerion :

Margaret Sanger photo

We also have our first poem from an entrant known as Slyman:

The Return to Silver Lake

Yo b!tches. Wear those hoods and sheets;

Let them revile you, while they love me;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

I will star in their movies;

You will be the villian;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

I will bribe their leaders and hood wink their clergy;

You in turn will suffer their political slings and arrows;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

They will welcome me into their schools and churches;

You will endure ridicule and witchhunts;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

Let them crown my a**, while they whoop yours;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

I will destroy their children and be praised;

You will scroll meaningless slurs in Hicksville, Kentucky - - and be public enemy #1;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

Let them hate you for your words and symbols;

While they love me for exterminating their future in the womb;

No matta, for we are on the same team.

Thanks guys and please keep the entires coming!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Hope to see much more!

J said...

I knew she was evil, I didn't know she was THAT EVIL.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

margharet sanger rocks oooo-Kay!!!
dont be hating

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that people now a days would make a good comment on what Margaret Sanger evil A** would say. I wonder if her mother would have had an abortion with her, how would the world have change.

"So how could u be hating, if some one else is alradey is?"

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