Monday, August 03, 2015

NOW President Tries to Defend Planned Parenthood Founder: Margaret Sanger Didn't Just Hate Blacks

It is impossible to defend the ugly racist who founded Planned Parenthood.  When Margaret Sanger spoke at her first Ku Klux Klan rally, the crowd went gaga and invited her to more hate rallies.  "A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered." (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366)

So you can't blame the hapless President of NOW for this feeble defense of the KKK's favorite keynote speaker:

Laurie Bertram Roberts, Mississippi State Pres. of the National Organization of Women, comments on Margaret Sanger’s racism:

“First of all, Margaret Sanger did not work on abortion. She worked on birth control. Context is everything. I will never deny that Margaret Sanger was connected to the eugenics movement, what they (abortion opponents) never bothered to say is that eugenicists also wanted to limit the birth rate of poor white people and disabled people. It wasn’t just Black people; it was a whole lot of people they deem to be unfit.”

Quoted in “Thank God for Stupid Enemies” Speaker for the Dead WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 2014

From Anna Wolf “Using the KKK to Fight Abortion Rights” Jackson Free Press April 16, 2014

Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was also an avowed racist (she spoke at at least one KKK meeting) who did indeed advocate sterilizations of the handicapped and poor.  

Great discussion going on at Free Republic:  NOW pres: It’s ok, Margaret Sanger didn’t just hate Blacks

The great Glenn McCoy

Cartoon above refers to the Live Action Planned Parenthood Racism Project.   If you missed it at the time or just want to refresh your memory (we ourselves had forgotten how disturbing these videos are) go back and check out  Live Action Planned Parenthood Racism Project.


Nick D said...

I noticed the photo at the top of your blog: I think it's photoshopped. Yes, she was a virulent racist and spoke for the KKK multiple times. But, it discredits us to use doctored photos.


Carly Barboz said...

Abortion is good some situations and bad for many situations...Know more information from

Anonymous said...

Hitler practiced eugenics, we all saw how that turned out.
He also used to write her letters quite a bit from what I've been reading. Don't listen to mainstream media on this one. They are owned by to same people trying to keep the poor down. murdering our children! Peace love and god bless everyone, no matter age, color, or dolla dolla bills y'all!

Anonymous said...

So would you volunteer to be killed just because you found out your family is broke? What if you found out now that you were a baby of a rape, would you think its fair that your mother should kill you just to not think about it? Just cuz there's something ugly in your life doesn't mean it's not worth living. All life is beautiful!

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